Designs?!?! I think so

Going through different thoughts for today, I decided to check out my first blog and play with the settings some. I think I found the Christmas bag of gifts for decorating my pages. I know, I know, it is now becoming the little things in life to make me smile (well with writing that is). As I am doing one the most calming past times, listening to music and tuning out the world. Up pops an orangish looking background. Not my color at all.

I mean think about it. It is my first impression to my world of words and you get to see the ugly dress I bought. Or I could see it like an old house. The bones are good, just needs an update. I will find my fresh coat of paint, use my fairy godmother wand to change my ballgown and head to the ball. Yet I have the rest of my life to stay at the ball. I found the key to my closet and now time to bring out me in these post.

Now, mind you, I did not stop at just the color, I had to see the different fonts, backgrounds, so many things. It is kind of in a way, like dressing up or getting ready for a big date. Get your outfit ready, decide what jewelry to wear and will it be a boots kind of night or heals. For me, it all depends on the weather. I want to show my personality in my writings but I also want them to look nice too. I want to mix it up a bit here and there.

It could all be the excitement of finally opening up this part of my brain that was missing for so long. All those years of watching many others continue on their journeys in arts, I sat in the background just playing games on the computer and singing as loud as I can to music. I forgot deep down how the release of thoughts, memories, dreams, ideas or just plain old experiences come to life as you breathe air into them. Like a take over causing temporary blindness to the most obvious addition right in front of you. Which for me, it is time to slow down, observe it all, think about the moment. Once that moment is gone, that is it, bye bye. Make every moment, word, time count.

I guess my point to this post is your mind can hide so much inside that we could forget things we have always loved doing. I had a special reminder from a childhood friend, who remembered my writings. I had shared one of my poems with and she unlocked my forgotten dream. My river of words will be dressed up and ready to go out.

Love what you do, it is always worth it.


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