Gotta start somewhere

Finally, sitting in front of a screen, beginning what I have been talking about for about 2 years now. My first blog. Holding in all the ideas I had, waiting for that big moment. Here I am, facing a big blank page with a huge blank mind. So, I will start with a little piece of me. Give insight into the mind of a woman, who is called by many names. I am a middle-aged widow, mother of grown children, nana to a few right now. A daughter of amazing parents, oldest sister to a brother and sister. Girlfriend to an incredible man, cousin, granddaughter, niece and so much more. I’m a northern born, southern raised woman, replanted in the north once again. Pretty much an empty nest here and learning to live a new chapter of my life.

A couple years ago, I began to write things down as I thought of them, even if it was a little small word. I began to write poetry and journals with how I feel. It felt so strong and powerful. I forgot how it felt to release emotions with my words. Happy moments, impacted with moments that could shatter the strongest heart to their knees. Getting lost in the moment, traveling within your mind and capturing the picture with words. Some of my darkest moments created deep, purging poetry I have ever written. As with happy moments of a child’s wedding or the birth of a grandchild, learning to leave a lasting impression with the flow of the purest of heart. I am learning that every moment counts because they are a gift for each of us. How we learn and move to the next phase in life.

The mountains and valleys have been plentiful on my plate. So, I am not set on blogging for one particular area or topic. I want to jump in with both feet, going as far and wide as I can. I will be learning on the way, which directions to go. I guess you could say this is me playing in the wading pool waiting on mom to take my floaties off. Yet, I will admit, I am afraid of drowning or facing the great white straight on. No one wants to fail or worse, crash and burn. I have heard and stated so many times, you never know until you try.

So here goes. My first blog. I have no idea if it is long enough. Interesting enough, I do know I am loving finally putting into action, the words I have been speaking for so long. I am putting on my big girl jeans and inviting anyone to read these words I really want to share. It’s amazing when you think back to those things you have always loved doing. I forgot about how much I loved writing. One day bam, it starts to flow like water. Who knows maybe one day, I just might write a book or publish my poems. For now, thank you for reading…. happy blogging.


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