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A pound is a pound. How many of us have heard this statement, as well as said it quite a few times? Now think about this, muscle weighs more than fat. Think about it. What a contradiction. For years I thought this but in science, we are taught a pound of feathers weighs as much as a pound of iron. So why do those of us thinking muscle weighs more than fat?

I had actually stated that to my trainer last year. Needless to say, he got a good chuckle out of it, then said,”think about what you just said”. Of course, at this point, I’m sort of embarrassed. I should know this, I am quite intelligent, so I thought that day. I had to admit I was wrong. It was a big lie, that I believed all these years. a pound of muscle does not, in fact, weigh more than a pound of fat.

Ok, let me explain as I remember from science class. Does anyone remember the feathers versus a rock? Get two scales. Put a rock on one. Let us say it weighs a pound. Now begin to put feathers on the other one until it says a pound. Your pile of feathers will be in abundance, whereas the rock will be solid. So your density of muscle is like the rock. your fat is like the feathers. a rock is denser than feathers, just like a muscle is more dense than fat.

As I explained this past week to one of my aunts, as I showed her a pic of me last year in March versus me last June ( where I was 21 pounds heavier in June ) I was smaller in size. She stated the old belief of muscle weighing more than fat. I actually got to teach her something she believed in as well.

So as you continue your journey in life and someone who could be your child’s age teaches you something, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. you never know, yo may just teach one of your elders a lesson. Older does not necessarily mean wiser. Life is a daily dose of many lessons, pay attention. you just might learn something.


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