My Place In This World

Look around you. What is it you see? Everyone, just like you, looking for a special place to be found. A place where we can be ourselves in the most vulnerable way. Free to dream to the highest of mountains. Never getting lost in the waves of the world. Sound familiar to anyone? Of course, it does. Every single person alive wants to be found in their own happy spot. The problem is where do we hide those places.

As a woman in today’s society, I find it hard to show my uniqueness. No, I am not looking for a feminism way out. I want my special gifts to be seen. I want to shine for everyone who comes into contact with me to know my talents. Too many times we get lost in the rat race of the world and forget who we really are. The need for acceptance is so crucial. We begin to adapt to others thoughts, feelings, ways, and styles. When does it end?

As I begin my journey, I am finding more and more things I had locked up for so long. For years, it has been screaming to get out. I have opened up the box and released my inner being. Yet, I am terrified at the new beginning. if for nothing else but the fear of failure. I have heard many times “what’s the worst that could happen”. Well, a lot actually. But I like the next line much better “you will never know until you try”.

So, here I am trying so hard to do what I absolutely love to do, writing. I am opening myself up to many areas of my life. I normally lock it all away and swallow the key for safe keeping. It was a way to keep myself from being hurt. No more. I need to be free to open up new worlds around me and show my talents in every light I can see. No matter the outcome, I will hold my head high knowing I am doing what I love and failure is not an option.



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