In light of the evil taking over the world today, I am reminded of how fast one can lose it. In the heat of the moment, be it passion or just anger, emotions can take over. Like a flash, it can all explode in an instant. In the thick of it, words can cut like a knife. Or worse, the emotion takes complete control and reacts so horrifying, there is absolutely no turning back. We see this every day playing out right in front of us. Sadly, it is mostly the aftermath.

How do we fix this epidemic? How do we help those falling off the bridge of hope? Honestly, I have no idea. I do know each one of us has a fighting battle inside of us when we do allow our emotions to control us. Which our conscience comes into play and we stop the mad train. So what about the time when you have lost all control. You’re so mad, you react instead of thinking. Now it’s done. There is no turning back. 

Today, the actions of one individual took 3 lives. Three human beings who are loved. They will never see their loved ones again, celebrate any occasions, laugh, cry, hug any of them again. All that remains for those left behind, are the memories. Which is after their hearts begin to mend and learn to live with that void. Unreplaceable void. Yet, we as a society, only sit back and watch from our frozen boxes.

It hurts me to see this kind of evil spreading. The next generation watching such violence. Not movies or tv shows but real life violence. These small minds seeing the devil’s pawns, playing in such warfare. No way to escape from it. Living in such a politically correct society, how are they to decipher right from wrong? I can not imagine their little minds trying to figure it all out. Not to mention how fearful it must be. 

My beliefs remind me daily of my Saviors words, which gives me so much hope. As I close out my day, I will keep all involved in my thoughts. Not just the fallen and their loved ones, but the offender as well. It is not for any other reason but hopes this individual will find inner peace. I am not saying to let them off. Far from it. What has been done, is done. My hope is for them to find the Savior, who can restore faith, hope, and love. Ultimately, allowing forgiveness where it is needed. Then, the healing can truly begin in each person this has affected. 




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