Empty Nest (post)

I am officially an empty nester as of two weeks ago. I thought it would be different but I am not going to fake a smile just to appease a few. So I am going to be pretty exact to my emotions on this one. 

The day came and I was very nervous because I knew this was it. That final moment when the house would be noiseless. All the other siblings have moved on and continued on their journey in life. I had one to hold tight too, so I thought. This child is moving alone. Not exactly a mother’s dream for any of her children, let alone her daughter. But I had to let it happen. It was time to not clip her wings and let her fly.

The first week, was torcher for me. I will assume not so much on her end. I waited for the daily text to ease my mind, letting me know she was just fine. She does have a half size horse for a dog. But none the less, I was worried. Making sure she is safe in all her surroundings. After all, it really is not logical to put her in a bubble and connect it to a tracking device. 

I realized this daughter, too, is going to be just fine. I think the real question at that moment was, am I? Yes, I am. Nearing the end of week two, I can see this independent child is making her mark on her world. Doing it just as she was raised. I could not be prouder of each of them. My heart is filled with joy.

So as I enjoy the peacefulness of my empty home, I find comfort in knowing all my children are just fine living their lives forward with mom in the background, cheering them on. After all, they are gifts from God. They were never meant to be under my wing forever. Like a baby bird who only needs the momma when it is learning to fly and feed. Once their wings are the right size, it is time to create their own footsteps in life. 

Fly my amazing birds. Show the world your beautiful colors. Spread your wings to glide to every dream you have. This nest will be a stopping place to share all your mountains and valleys. I will cherish every moment I get before they are heading to bigger and better dreams. To sum it all up, empty nest is not losing your children. It is simply rearranging your home for the next set of baby birds to see, grandchildren. Oh, the love. 



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