These past holidays were a bit hard for me. It was the first time in a very long time, not everyone was able to be home. I did not like it. I wanted all of my children at home. I wanted our traditions to continue. I wanted laughter, singing, sharing, tears, giggles, hugging, looks, memories to be shared together in one very big room. I wanted time. The most misused, irreplaceable, presence we will ever cherish. That is what I wanted.

Guess what, so did my mother. You see, 11 years ago, my immediate family replanted over 1,000 miles away from our hometown, near my parents. It was a new adventure. A rebeginning. A change, my little big family needed. Yet it was a big separation between, not only me and my mother but her grandchildren as well. A huge chunk of her grandchildren. To which an hour away was further than she liked already. 

On this quest of life, many changes have happened. Some good. Others? I will just say a major learning and regrowing turn. On either side of the coin, This lost link had to reconnect for many different occasions on each others playing field. With pretty pennies to show for it. Memories have been made and shared for many reasons. Yet, they are part of the time chain that makes us family. Especially with miles in between.

So as the topic of what we all want for next holiday season, I made the statement of never having another Christmas without all my children. As I said those oh so familiar words, my mother fell out. She has stated this to me year after year after year. With my response being I just don’t see it happening. This year as I heard it, I got it. I finally saw thru my mother’s eyes. I understood what my mother has been longing for, for at least the past 11 years. And you know what, I hope and pray and believe, this year is our year. We both get our perfect Christmas present. The gift of time and family. 

Dedicated to my mother!



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