Be Yourself

Why do we, as women, put pressure on ourselves to only love what the mirror shows us? Why do we spend hours upon hours trying to look like the only thing we deem worthy is model material? Or wish we could eat like the other one? What is so wrong with our inside, that we allow such slander into our minds? We create a tornado of chaos in our own inner being. How do we ever get thru one day to the next?

Imagine the delight we would have inside us if we learned to look with our inner eyes. How our soul sees us. How our Mighty King, Father sees us. Instead of constantly trying to hate ourselves, learn to love what we see from our heart out. What an honor that would be. Could you imagine, seeing smiles instead of pain? Seeing beauty, others see? 

We could change our worlds inside out. Peacefulness would pour out and onto others. Because when we learn to love ourselves for who we are, we finally allow others to love us. How can anyone love us, when we hate ourselves? Ugly words we usually say to those we love in dispute is due to our own guilt of that issue deep inside. If we can not love ourselves, then we can not truly love anyone else. Sure as the air, not one person can fully love us, while we block them with our own hate. 

So next time you look in the mirror. Those nasty thoughts try to trickle out. Stop them. Rebuke them. Send them away packing with the others in tow. Bring in the positive. Speak it out loud and believe it. Every positive you see, let it shine. Because this is the only you, you’re going to get. Let the real you out. 



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