Dig Deep

Love, a word, an action, a feeling, meanings are endless. But can we really love one parent more than the other? One child more than the other? A friend from many others? I am not sure this is possible. How about you? Has this ever crossed your mind and cause you to deeply think about it? What was the outcome?

I feel this is not true. My answer lays within each individual. Each person is so unique. To love one more than the other, those two or more would have to be exactly the same. So even within the later of the two, I would still say it is false. Still confused or unable to understand my thoughts I will elaborate.

I will take me as a child, looking to both my parents. I watch their behaviors, how they carry themselves. How they relate to others. Subconsciencely, we develop a mixed of their outcomes. So we go to a mother for the nurturing, emotional side depending on our hurt. Like breaking up with our first boyfriend/girlfriend. Mom will make our hearts feel better. Whereas we go to a father when our ego gets bruised. Dad will tell us step by step how to deal with that pain and move forward inside ourselves. More of a physical pain corrected. Dad is strong where mom is weak and visa versa. Yet when we were born, our love for them was exactly the same. Exactly as it is today with their strengths and weaknesses in play. 

Now, children. Whole new ball game. I will use myself here, I have five children. Obviously, my first born is when I learned the new love. A love, only other parents understand. It is unexplainable since you always believed love is love. Well next born, I felt a growth within the part of my heart that opened within the birth of the first born. And so on and so on. As all my five grew thru the many stages of life to now, my love is still equal to each of them. Is my relationship different with each, yes. Within this thought, remember strength versus weakness is in play again, except I am now the parent. Each child would go to their appropriate parent concerning their own issues. 

This leads each of us to grandchildren. Guess what, a new love forms a new spot in our hearts. But this love resembles the having a child love, tied together with parenting love. Here you will be your grandchild strength and weakness as well. Yet depending on how the grandchild seems to be closer to, they will go to their comfort level grandparent. On the outside, I am sure if looks, eyesight level, like that grandchild loves one grandparent more than the other. Not true, So many factors are in play here. They will share with one, mutual interest while sharing with the other, their same interest. So, my opinion still states love level is equal. 

I will end with the friendship one. Again, this is my opinion or the way I interpret levels of love. I have very few close friends to which some will call best friends. I love them all equally due to our mutual interest. Perhaps one needs to vent about their personal issues. Yet another joke with you all day long. To me, this place in my heart of love has so many strings off of it due to different levels of friendship.  Your string began when the common core of the relationship develops. I say this because yes, we all have a friendship with some that are exactly as it states, friends. These are those we love but their string does not grow because we do not have very many common interests. So these people are friends on our outer wall of our world. Seriously if we say they are an acquaintance, well the fact is they are the, “hi, how are you people”. And as we are to love each other, that is their little piece of our heart, where even those we do not love live. These are still the same love based on the level you are in others friendship ties.

I believe the only being ever to get the highest level of love is Jesus Christ. Yet, not one of us alive will ever feel His love for us. I believe Gods love is equal to each of us because we are His children. I believe a parent can understand His frustration with us, as with our own children. For me, I am filled with so much love that it is overwhelming the thought of Gods love for me. So much so that tears of happiness would not begin to justify that feeling. If you have never thought of this feeling, give it a try. Maybe give your opinion on it. Maybe you will understand my side of it too. It is fascinating how deep the mind can be.



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