Big Break

Filled with excitement, I believe I have found my next chapter. I have so many different poems written, ideas floating, dreams hanging overhead. I can see all the pages coming together, yet still one major thing. Editing. Of course, I need my work to be inspected, formatted, checking to make sure I am not plagiarizing or things of that nature. It can happen because sometimes we tend to use a phrase heard so many times before. For me, it would a protection on my personal words and set up in a way, to bring in an audience. Some sites can be so terrifying. Not with Prescott Papers.

As I am dabbling my toes into the cyber world of writing and creating blogs, websites, social circles. Greg Prescott from Prescott Papers assured me of my blog site Is a good area to start in. Having free support is definitely a major for me within my scope of learning. It is nice to have a place to go and submit your project of any sorts. From dissertations for college, research papers, essays to power points, all the way to editing. It does not feel so intimidating now. 

To end this day, stepping into my cloud nine. I am smiling. Feeling very excited and ready to take my next step. It took a very long time for me to step back into my mind. I do not want to let this go. My dream is awake and I am marching on.



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