Love Thyself?

Take the word joy and think for a minute. Did anyone else learn J stands for Jesus, O stands for others, Y for yourself? The order of love. As I would like to think, the purest love. Each one of us has felt this love. Inside your mother’s womb, her heartbeat was this love. A love gifted from God. A feeling so pure, words can not describe it. Yet, undeniably a heaven sent. So where did we lose our sight? 

We live in a time where self-love overrides what pure love is really about. Without another person, love would not exist. Sadly, the form of self-love is evil at best. Our creation is not here because He loved thyself. Our creator created Eve as a helpmate for Adam. Not for them to live alone and apart. Yes, evil is all over. Adam and Eve opened our eyes to this kind of evil. So we have a choice to decide if we want to swim in the waters of pure love? Or dance within the flames of our selfish thoughts?

I hope it is obvious where I am going with this but if not, Women’s March.  Words were spoken for other women who are not in the same boat. As a female, I am a little taken back. We have all been is desperate situations where our lives become intertwined with life. Seriously. Did you really think you would be still getting the crown at every contest? I bet half of them have an opinion for everyone around them but flip cards. Nope, those words send the game across the floor. Rage flying. Somewhere along the way, I view as our past female generations were not following the flow of their own steps for what we are created for.

No, I am not the problem. The real problem is the broken love spreading around. I have heard a saying hurting people hurt people. Case and point. Every screaming word, pointing the finger, nasty look has so many attacking from within. Causing a mass commotion of pity. Which drowns in the self-love only lake. Think about it. You’re the lake. So many mixed emotions inside, days of smooth happiness into days of rage and pain. Think of a river. As a river, it normally runs with a continuous flow. Symbolizing with an even amount of love, continuous growth. Lakes take in all the water they can try to be an ocean, where the mouth of rivers takes it slowly. The way I like to see it is we are all looking to get into the ocean. 

We are all part of the earth. A vast land that only a few have touched every corner. Slow down, enjoy the views around you. Happiness starts with you absolutely. You have to know what love is to truly love yourself. Keep loving yourself, yes. Just allow others to love you too. We may sit on the sidelines allow you to play the game. But as your loved on, we are hurting just as bad because we see you through our eyes.  Maybe we all should learn to dig harder. Once you have had the taste of pure love, it stays with you. 

So here’s my march. How about we all, every human being stop with the invisible evil barriers and continue growing? Or did we all forget we were created in His image alone? Each one of us is different but yet the same. We are all linked to One. The differences are the exact same of what we internally fight. I choose to fight for love. Love of the purest form. 



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