Enjoy the Ride




Hear the music playing? Guess my mood?

Don’t you just love the sound of over the top loud music where you are bellowing out to your favorite song, ignoring anyone within the sound of you? Does it not fill your complete being of such comfort to release any minor to any major mood you are swimming in right at that divine moment? Does it give you the control to either stay put digging in deeper or go the opposite and relive all of it at once? I guarantee I am not on a solo here, way more musical moods out there.

Long, long ago as a very young girl, my love for music had already been sown deep down in my soul.  A passion so strong I just knew I was going to be a singing sensation of a lifetime. Then I woke up, shy girls stay quiet, well in front of crowds.  I tend to lock myself in my big size boxes of rooms or vehicles, killing every sound of noise beyond earshot with my mood of choice. And 9 times out of 10 I will be trying my best to over sing that amazing voice of Carrie Underwood. Then I get distracted with either a look of “mmmm could you possibly turn it down so I can breathe?” Or my favorite, those who choose to join in as I refer to my backup singers, knowing fully well they are competing for my spotlight. Not to leave out my favorites were the ones who stood in the background without my knowledge and just listen, melt my heart.

Of course, you can see a little snippet of history there but I have to add I was not always so free ranged in music or so I thought.  I did not realize how deeply rooted the musical choice I made due to where exactly my emotions lay within that very second. Teenage years, I was the loved all the 80’s junky until “Big Hair” took over, then add a boyfriend who is a country boy from Hank Jr.s “Rowdy friends”, who also chose to introduce me to the “Buttermilk Biscuits” world of rap. Yes, I was a bit confused but I felt that twist in my gut when all the different sounds began to tie into emotions. Boy did I start to broaden my horizons. See at that time, I did like my traveling with my aunt music. I mean who doesn’t like Alabama, “ROLL ON”.

Many ages later, some of those same familiar road maps have added a complete 3 generations of musical bliss in every vehicle. Adding to the long list of musical moods such as sounds of “Jack and Diane” with Mellencamp in his “Pink houses” to Gnash declaring the “I Love You, I Hate You” issues coming on board. Traveling necessities include a mandatory sidekick DJ. Unlike my younger days on the road with my aunt, I picked up and raised mine with my daddy’s ways of “it’s loud because I say so”, mentality. I am honored to say I have passed on the torch. 

Now I am in grandparent stage of life where “no, I do not want to build a flipping snowman”. I want to teach you to carry on the tradition of singing your full heart out. I want you to learn to show off your musical moods with pride. Funny how a 2-year-old can pick up on this notion. Little head starts to bob, foot shaking, and he’s off dancing as a little youngin can, and right then I am in grandma love land and we got ballads of Mariah Carey playing in the background. Ok, so I do play a little into their world of Disney’s magical music, I have to show them young a multitude of music genre.

Every life lesson, memory, and experience have a musical memory connected to my heart. It is my stress reliever, mood booster, deep down hardcore let out all the anger bellowing songs I can reach my center core. This sweet release has been my life partner since the first time my papa sang my favorite hymn to date “When sings my soul, my savior God to thee, How great thou art, How great thou art” to the sweet voice of Tim McGraw because truly “The highway don’t care” to Bruno Mars helping Mark Ronson getting everyone to watch the “Uptown Funk” and we are with DJ Snake when he questions”Turn down for what” because there is no such thing as too loud.

At this point of the chorus, I am sure you realize I am a musical mood inclined singer from way back. I do not plan on changing this factor of my soul. By now, those who do not understand, need to grab some tunes and sing because it’s a wave a life you do not want to miss. To all my fellow bellows out there, let’s continue to teach all the array of music genre from past, present, and future to all the generations to come. Because truly without every area of music, sounds would be just plain boring. Sing loud, sing proud and let the musical mood torch carry on.