I Hear You, Yes Lord

Have you ever had the feeling to do something just out of the blue and the next thing you know it leads you to something totally off subject? I have. Lately, in more ways than one. Bringing tears to my eyes, I can feel His love pouring into me. No, I am not reading the bible or in church service or even on top of “Christian standards”.  But I know without a shadow of a doubt, It is God!

I know I have hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to falling into the well of depression. Some days, I wallow around like it’s a full blown jacuzzi. I find comfort in my dark place at times but I forget, it is not a vacation. Little things will jolt me back into reality and slap the blessing photos of my life bullseye on the spot of where I was planning to hang my hat. As it begins to sparkle and shine like children do I reach for it. I follow it right up to the spot where God puts His loving hands right on my head and tells me, “Come, my child, do my works”. 

In the midst of it all happening, I do not see it because I am still growing. Yeah, I know I am a middle aged woman but I will always be a child to my Father. He has to pull me in close sometimes. Others, He allows me to wonder. Just like human parents watch their children grow and each stage giving them room to wonder, making choices. Who do you think perfected the parenting job? God Himself. 

Sometimes His sweet voice reaches through a conversation between me and one of my blessings from Him. I will be giving my loving guidance or pep talk or just down to earth chat. Once in a while, His words start to flow like water out and into the open. Creating a peace both of us will need at the precise moment. Such a sweet feeling. It is like I looked into the eyes of each of my babies right after they were born. That feeling is as close as I can describe. 

Other times, He steps right in and takes over the conversation because His word needs to be heard immediately. I never understand this situation until I am knee deep in it. Tears falling down my cheeks. I feel the release of Gods meaning coming through. I felt His power connecting on a level I am not sure I have utilized before. But then again every time God uses you for His glory is a very complete specialized occasion. 

How very special it is just to know you are never, ever alone. I know, I have been in a room filled with all my family and felt so alone. God never left my side, He may have stood back and allowed me to think I was alone, He never left. 

I do not know why now all of a sudden I am feeling His wondrous love, but I had long forgotten how pure and freeing this feeling is. God wants to love all of us, right where we are. Do not think you are not good enough. He wants us for us. He wants to mold us from within. I do not know who this is to but someone is going to read this and God is going to touch that sweet, precious heart of yours and you will know it is your Savior, Jesus Christ talking to you. He loves you. 




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