Silence, Is It Really Golden?

We have all heard the phrase “silence is golden” at one point in our lives. As children, our parents have told us at the very least to sit down and be quiet. What a major hardship that is. Seriously, you expect me as a child to not say a word. How absurd. Actually, this reminds me of my granddaughter who seems to always want the last word. As we all do sometimes. So is silence really as golden as some say?

Having several children myself, my house has never been silent, even during the sleeping moments. At any given moment, there is a noise creeping up from different crevices of a home, making complete silence non-existent. Well, for most. Here’s the issue with this statement. For those who enjoy their peaceful times alone, normally have background noise to fill the void. Be it a tv or radio or just the pitter patter of animals across a floor. Noise is all around us. 

A couple of times I have experienced this complete silence and believe me, golden is not how I would explain it. I was working in a Cleanroom environment and part of an emergency team set up for the site. An electrical worker happened to make a huge mistake of putting his metal screwdriver on the live feed box. Shut down every noise producing system within the main building of the plant. Dead silence. Being a part of this emergency team, we had to make sure every tunnel of the Cleanroom was cleared out. It is the most depth defying, terrorizing, creepiest non-sound ever.

Granted, that type of silence is not experienced by most people in the world unless maybe you happen to be lucky enough to enter into the eye of a hurricane. It will take you from the scratching sound of trees being whipped one way and rain smashing into every piece of a surface it can find, until the shift. Dead silence. So quiet, your skin begins to crawl. Anyone who has ever had the privilege to go through this knows it only leads to more damaging sounds to come. Nothing can change it and you have to ride out the storm. 

So here are my thoughts on the ever so wonderful phrase. Silence is golden when you are finally alone in your home, while the ability to think through every process to make a grand gesture in life. Raising all your children and finally getting a peace and quiet moments alone that I know every mother has dreamed of. But dead silence is by far golden. 



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