I Knew I Would Find You!!

Starting out in school, typing was actually a very fun class for me. Learning how to use a typewriter for different looks or margin lines, lists that could go on and on. Once having mastered that task, it was onto the next phase of typing, welcome to the world of computers. Yes, it was a welcome because at this time you had to use DOS, not the internet. Yet I started stepping up the brick pavement to aim me towards the here and now. 

A turning point where thoughts along with fingertips and keyboards collide. Just when you think you have the new, updated edition of whatever social site has, they go and change it again. For instance, Skype. I have a really good use with this particular connection to the cyber world of seeing you face to face, while an ocean flows between us. Had not used this for about two years now, to my surprise, having to find someone for a job offer put my brain in full motion.  Gave me a redeeming ah-ha moment. 

You see, here is the thought, once you think you know it all. Start to finish, beginning to the end that it, complete, finito. Guess what, WRONG. I was separated from my mind for a long period of time. Just over two years ago, I started to explore and allow words to flow out and it has not stopped. So not wanting to write every word, every moment I wanted to write. My fingers hit the keys. I have been on fire ever since. With my toes now beginning to submerge into a full on the writing career, my brain is soaking in every depth defying moment of learning.  I can feel the curves and twist forming in my head. Such a rush. Such an amazing feeling of unique accomplishments. 

The career market is only just under a two-month mark for me, but I have learned so much doing research articles or reviews for different schools to reviews for different companies or software. I feel so emotional when I write because this has been a passion I divorced before my 20s. Now that I have remarried this love, so rich and fulfilling, I am going to enjoy every single mind changing moment and I will have every word within my grasp to showcase each milestone. Such an exquisite portfolio I must say, but after all, I am partial. 


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