Through The Storm While Fractured, I Will Rise

I hear the sound of people trying so hard to lead a perfect formation in within their human life. Battered, broken and bruised we tend to seek the fixation of happiness which tends to seep out a very little at a time. Before you know it, the ugliness of depression starts to settle in as an unwelcomed guest.  For most, it becomes a battle trying to find the good to be the good all the while knowing this simple satisfaction will never be.

See, we tend to conjure up this hope of being godly perfect within the world of lost and confusion. Growing up this meant a firm religion was the necessary means to seek out goodness.  Here’s a major crack in that thought process, it does not exist. Contrary to what storytellers of the religious background, have told you. The Holy Creator, God knows we will never be perfect.

Here is another flaw we seem to continue to tell ourselves, we have to clean up our act. Walk a straight fine line, do not fall, ever. This is our only chance to prove to our Heavenly Fathers acceptance. Come on, the only way He will love me is if I am walking perfectly. What a scary thought. I mean seriously. Parents, how many of you take notches out of the love emotion towards your children for every single wrongdoing they do? Think about this weird idea. It is not possible.

So why do you insistent on the whole, I must walk the fine line because this is the only way God knows I am for Him. Formal, organized religion. Makes this Christian cringe inside. Look at the facts, they are written in the same book, these political religion chiefs’ create all these confusing emotions. Which in turn creates all the patching marks of our hearts because we open it up, oops the wrong move. Band-aid it, float up again. It is the never ending circle of damage this part, it’s untouched and another band-aid appears again.

Think back in time, Sunday school for some when you heard all about Jesus. All the different experiences He was walking through. Now, count how many of these humans Jesus gathered into a building to go over reasons why this guideline for this branch of Christians is to follow? Give up…. ZERO.

I’ll give you another brick to throw through all seeing window of must be perfect walking in order for God to want me. Jesus did not go to the so-called perfect walking humans. He went (notice the word) to societies standards lowest of the lows. He did not send a word out to the prostitute to stop her acts of sin and then come to ME. He went and protected her, are you ready for this, the prostitute being stoned, Jesus put up His hands and spoke to the judgemental sinners to stop covering up the stone throwers sins by stoning her. It does not work this way.

Just for clarification, Jesus went to the sin-filled prostitute who was being judged by other sinners and protected her from harm. I am not sure how I can make this any clearer but I am going to try.

I believe we need fellowship to continue to grow the love bond which connects us to our Holy Father. Giving us a stronger hold to bring our unbelieving, falling from faith searching, brothers and sisters back into the area we were created for. I am the church, my word Christian means I have a one on one relationship with Jesus. This also means my gifts from God are different than yours, same goes on and on. So I will have to go out using the tools provided by my Holy Father.

Maybe if others out there like myself will start to have that inner glow feeling of complete and exquisite calming peace which will open your spirit to all the wonders God is showing you. Then, at least for me, and only then will you get your purpose and the worry (a sin) of being “good” for God will be a vanishing thought soon forgotten.



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