Just say no to Valentine’s Day.

I don’t really do this often, but because of my infamous love of valentines day. here goes.
To all you feminist out there, I hope you bought a dozen of the best seat tickets for your man, along with a keg of beer not to mention the best steaks that you cooked on the grill. Oh wait, nevermind I forgot, Valentines is only for the female uplifting.
Pick a side, either you want to do it all, then show him how you feel. Or you want to take it all, show how YOU still know how to manipulate.
Me, I want my man and me to show our love equally and on every day. Screw Valentines Day. Create a YOU and me day.
Hey, this is my view which is my own personal opinion, if you do not agree well that is fine. Love to all the boys and girls.

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