Your unspoken words tell me how bad I hurt you.

Words of vomit spilled over into your world when all you gave me was unconditional love. Always looking at me with soft and gentle favor. I took it in one second and crushed us. Funny how the taste of it makes me want to die.

I have always pushed away those who love me the most especially during moments of anger and disappointment. I am sure I blew up the mothership now. If only I could turn back time and reverse the damage I have caused you. I see how my sharpened words have destroyed your soul. Passing each other as if our home was a business and we are complete strangers. It is killing me because I do not know how to fix it. Hell, I have been shattered most of my life. Now I am seeing my actions slamming my heart into turmoil. 

Where do I begin? How do I show you I do love you completely and that I was so wrong? I hate seeing the loathing I have created in someone so caring and loving. Leaving nothing but darkness in your wake. I know it is my dissecting of your heart causing this huge hole where love used to be. I can tell when you look at me the pain setting deep in your soul and I am so terrified love will never be allowed to return. 

I understand the reasoning for my walls around my heart but I do not understand why I allow such hate to arise when love was all I was given. Fear of losing you has created a blockage even rushing water of a tsunami could not break. My past has overcome my future in horrendous ways which may bring my fears of forever alone to life. Creating such a discomforting atmosphere brings a twist to my gut and tears to my eyes because my actions proved I can only hate as strong as you can love. 

How can I love someone when I limit the love in myself to grow? How can I find the words to mend your broken heart and never damage it again? I am not sure I will ever find the words to prove it. I pray this will heal and I can show you how dynamic you are in my life. I want to show you how much you are valued and how much of an asset you are to my heart. Will the day come where forgiveness takes over, healing all the damage that has been done? 

At this moment, nothing looks like it will ever be fixed. So as I sit here with tears welling up in my eyes, heart in pieces and thoughts of never being in your loving arms again, I will hold on to the moments where everything was perfect between us. Hoping in the near future we will be us again. I want to be the changed woman who you are so happy to come home to. The woman you want to have on your arm in every location in life. If this is an impossible due to the damage I have caused, then I hope and pray you find the love of your life who never damages the look you share. Love is the true perfection your look gives at least until I stole it and stomped it into the ground unburied but totally humiliated. 

For all the damage I have caused, sorry is not big enough to gather and correct. Actions instead of words are what I need to perfect, hopefully showing you all the value you bring to my life. Until then, no matter the outcome, I will strive to complete within myself. Maybe, just maybe these actions will show you I can show you all the love you deserve and more. But for now, all I can say is, I am so very deeply and truly sorry for every hurtful, damaging, self-harming, undeserving spews of evil I allowed to flow into your heart. 



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