The only way to love is openly.

I am amazed the difference 24 hours makes. The deep dark walk I was falling into is what set my spiraling cycle in motion. My fear from the past few years experiences was blocking my future and happiness. I have been so terrified of losing all over again. Yes, dealing with death has washed over me and began to control my wants for tearing down my walls and letting him in. Instead, I started planting vines across any weak spots, stopping his love of lightness coming in. I thought hiding within myself I would be able to handle any need to get closer. This was an epic fail. It was just about the end. That was just as terrifying. I was beside myself. At this point, I realized every word, harsh look, stupid actions along with screaming was utterly and completely my fault. 

I spent the time in my head alone, where I tried so hard to figure out why I was causing such pain to a man who has shown me how much he loves me with just a look. Brought me back to the day we met face to face. I can watch it on replay and still learn another reason he is incredible to me. From our first day of over 10 hours talking, we had a connection. Crazy how even then the silence gave way to a connection. Not a normal in a new romance. But we had no problems sitting in the depths of it. A gift not many get to share, strong pulling towards each other. So what really was I going to lose?

Of course, before I lose him like my past has shown,  I will just push him out of my heart and life before it happens, blocking my heart. I would be losing the one that takes pictures of me sleeping to share on social media. Yes, at first it bothered me because honestly what woman wants the world to she that view of her, not one. Then it hit me, he loves me so much to show the internet world his woman at her most horrible looking self. That my friend is love. But I could lose him if something happens and then I would be walking through the sickening dark draining tunnel. So I want to hold back myself, I can not let him all the way in. This is my demise. I was killing us before I realized it.

Letting all my frustrations of fear out was murdering every thought of love he had for me and I did not care, I was pressing the button for this atom bomb. If I continued on this track of despair, I will be alone and not just the moment but until my last day. I need to let him in and show him how much he is embedded into my soul. Tell him my fears and why I feel as if I would never live through another stab in my heart from this life if I lost him. As the words began to flow out of my heart and onto his soul, I felt the release of the dark clouds holding charge of my future. They dissipated with each breath. The tears help guide the storms out of site and allowed the presence of sweet healing.  Releasing the apologies to which I know actions need to be visibly seen to truly believe all the words I speak. I felt him forgiving me at each second passing. For the first time since our love began, I felt our unconditional attachment of hearts. I have finally let him in my world. 

I never allowed him to see my true slashes of pain that allowed the bleeding to drive my fears. He is seeing the complete me. Looking into those eyes of the bluest depths, was the vision of our love. Not perfect, not even 100% whole, but so perfectly fitting of our broken pieces being to mend. Melting my heart, making me think it is about time you get out of your head and into your heart. 

I know life in a relationship is never going to be true bliss and perfection on every isle, that is just never going to happen. But now he sees all of me, my fears, pain and all the ugliness that comes with my soul yet allowing my love to glide right inside his heart for safe keeping. If there is one thing I have learned in the recent past is I am still here and very much alive. I need love just as any other and being lucky enough to literally find it again in such an awesome form of this man, is a very wondrous blessing. 

Today, waking up to see his face tugged my heart strings. I realize life will knock us down in different walks we face, it’s the standing up and fighting back which will give you true comfort. I learned long ago never to take life off the cuff, no guarantees of coming moments. So, I am going to take every second in this love and give it my all because we deserve to be happy, together and completely openly in love.  



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