Wise Moments



It Was You

You were my weakness, my teenager jumping to surface to feel the air on her face. You were my freedom of walking away from the hurt. You were my savior for a never ending rebirth. 

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I saw you, It was you.

You feed the need deep down inside, my darkness fights to hide. You kept my waves completely savaged,, twisting each grain of mixed emotion. You were the answer to all the desires I had dreamed of, to escape this thing called destiny. You were the moment I should have never turned.

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I heard you. It was you.

You kept me holding on along the tides of ropes dragging my heart in shreds. You helped me disconnect to what was screaming without a sound. You were all the wonders of so many years that needed out. You were my reasons to give up and check out. 

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I smelled you. It was you.

You took the me who needing saving, piercing each bloodline severing all to see what was true. You kept a hold of the me who understood, when to look and when to run or when to stay, paralyzed I felt the need to see it through. You were the captures of moments left to make my own mistakes.

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I felt you. It was you.


You helped me connect to parts I tucked away. You were the key to a life I had erased. You were the gather of all the laughs my heart locked away. You were the me I needed before I walked away.

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I truly seen you, It was you.

Now, I find the answers to all the questions unexplained. I can hold each tear I cry and feel your name. All my lessons still sting with many new memories I can never change. You were the reason for my escape of damages I could never restate. You added to my heart’s new cage. You were the me from many worlds ago but gave up on faith. 

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I lost you. It was you.

This me will always see the hidden you behind the face. Me will always thinks of your embrace. Me to understand what you left unsaid. Me taking in the you I was meant to take. Me a better part of the you shining bright.

I believed it was all so very true the very moment I loved you. It was you.


The Weakness I Always Hold Inside

Quite a bit circles my mind. I think on ways judgment is called out from us. Yes, all of us. Not only to ourselves but all too often upon others. Blinded by the subject is really a sadness build off that weakness is a part of our ultimate demise. It is our own fears coming into the light of the world but attached to an unknown individual the other emotions inside of us have not grasped onto yet. Leaving the fear all alone. The only option is to throw it on the leech sucking wound of their weakness, to make your own mind justified. Sadly, this repeated circle in our world has become a way of life.

This has created so many evils and darkness floating around. Some had the blessing for grasping the positive emotion very early in life. Making those others feel an early taste of the weakness that will hurt the most. Appearances seem to show strength where those masks which hide such deep hurts from the first open wound. Terms begin to form “you never know what they are going through”. Making each word on the scene. Ready to speak it out but refuse to hear it in. What once was born pure as an emotion could be, learned the differences between you and me. 

Every day each new step stumbles upon another fold of faked smiles and false hopes. Questions arise with each process. Why does this have to be? When will I learn to let go? It takes more than one mind to tie the rope upon the docks. Because within the moment your footing seems so strong, the storms of life come in. Washing away the anchors of life where no holds are attached. Yet once in a lifetime, you meet your other half. 


Weakness retakes its place front and center. Is this the line we had to enter? Taking a step back and looking around. There is the other piece I forgot I had found. Here, hide with me. Together we can determine all of our destiny. Show them exactly where they are supposed to go, it will help us feel higher when we have nowhere to go. How long with this insane enlighten feeling remain? I know the sharp heavy weighed down feeling will meet me again. 

It is a vicious cycle we will witness and join every day. Some will see it and try to correct. Most will clearly use it as its forever host. I am not sure when or where or how this will ever change. I personally have tried every day. Really have I truly, though? I know I am not the only one I know who has had a momentary lapse of reason. Yet I seem to have longer dips in the depths of each tornado of my own mind. Paralyzing the very essence controlling my spirit. I have to remember to look for the ray of light, moment by moment. 

Because of my weakness latching onto others that hooked me so young, my shield of healing has not been allowed in my sight. I hold back the positives to keep me up each day. But I allow just enough to keep my breathing going every single day. Those are my happy spots I look into to crash the tides I hide. I am happy to say I tried it once, that scene or those words will never go away. I may see the edge but I refuse to jump. It is very steep and sharp and begging to be touched. My heart hurts for those who fell into its clutch. The ones who never allowed the positive of a word from a loved one’s touch. 

When the moment comes to never want anyone to feel the hurt, pain, struggles. The gains your mind body and soul have learned becomes a brand new you. Then maybe the words of judgment may shorten every day. At least to those who used to be the ones only in aim. The mirror reflects it back, forcing you to see the pits you can not escape. You realize the damage you created. Then fester in the filth of the world your mind has created. Some can never find that stable ground. Sadly those are the ones who never wanted to be found. Only those who understand and master their major weakness can see. We are normally to close to read the words they give us day to day. I live in this emotions day after day. 


If you happen to be one of my unlucky emotional twins, I apologize for the voices that set within. These moments will teach us our sight is never blind. We have to hold on to the tiny flashes of hope. Those are the anchors holding onto the ropes of our hearts where our joys and happiness keep us afloat. Stop letting our weaknesses to refocus our facts. Maybe if I can show others the change I need inside, those judgment calls will turn into fires of uplifting notes of happiness. What a view that could be. Maybe if we each take one step a day to learn a more positive way, we could make that mental light for others to grow. I want the voices I hear since those who gave into the pits, to be used to help others reaching out for a hand to pull them in. 

It is really hurting deep inside of me. Suicide from anything bully or not is an extremely damaging repair for those who understand but hard for the ones who has always held their hand. Seeing it from both sides, I need for the lights I hold so far inside to guide me to a happiness for me. The only one I can truly change and follow from deep inside. I want my little rays of light to hold its true meaning of hope for others to see I am only as weak as I feel. 




Chelle’s words

I have a very creative mind. Sharing was never my strong suite for this introverted person. I had lost my love of writing when life happened. Just over two years ago. The words began to crawl out of my head to an almost ant-like composer of speed. I love the use of play on words. The imagination flowing into every orifice of your mind. Leaving no thought left behind. I have developed a blog using all of my experiences to guide my words. They are very deep in emotional connects to me. So sometimes they appear in poems.  

I have become stronger in my writing since my first post. I will continue to grow in my post with every word. I like a challenge in the work field. I work very well under a deadline. I welcome constructive criticism as well as shown a better way. If it helps me grow in my writers walk. Then please help me run.



If you need writings of any kind, I am on the job.  Email me with subject “WORK NEEDED”.



Look Inside, What Do You See?

I feel so much yet not enough to let go

Allow me to show you what is deep within

A sight unseen, no words to describe

Only showing bits at a time to never fully exposing me

Here’s a glimpse into my real world

A world untouched waiting for your hand

Wanting and yearning for if only a moment with you

Giving you my complete all

Will this change you or will it change me

How can we ever know unless we try

Living within a distance wide enough for oceans length

Yet here you are deep inside of my heart

Never allowing anyone but you to see

My walls protect what is truly mine

Locking away each word, memory or thought

Will there ever be a complete start

Timing is always wrong

Will I be able to always hold on

Does not matter what anyone thinks

It is not them who makes me whole

When your key unlocks that part

Tell me what you see inside my heart









Exploding Inside

The build up in my mind causes a build up of emotions out of control. Could it be always being strong is becoming my weakness? Maybe the fact my views are shot down the second I start to breathe them out. Every step I have endured have made me who I am today. So why can I not push through it without a battle? Where does the line get crossed? 

It’s becoming a daily pattern. Fighting for a dream I have had for so long, trying to get forced back into the hiding it ran out of. Understanding me is so perplexed and yet not one word can bring justice to an angered emotion. Seems explanations are no match for another form of mindless concern. Every moment of a step forward is a major toss backward. 

Strong, yes I get it. I have had to be for so long. Now I am cracking to the point even mortar may not hold the bricks in place. Every weakness coming out. Not wanting to repeat my past, yet it is difficult to look for a light when darkness is peeking over. It’s a gloomy sight to see. Locked inside these four walls, afraid for what might transpire. 

I can not be the only one who fears the other side of the edge. I can not be the only one who sees a particular date and lay there thinking please just let me blink this away. So hard to live in a world where making the same mistakes over 100 times is just the way of life. I can speak the words out but the sound is off. No one listens anyways. Wheres my next stepping stool?

There it is, the release of a sound pushing you to the break. All those silent thoughts have rolled out in such a different paragraph. Would have rather a punch in the throat, at least outer scars heal. How do you forget a word spoken out of your mind? How do you not personalize others ideas of you? How do you make them see this imperfect being wanting, longing, aching for your view to long for that me? 

Begging for the complete exhale of hurt, pain, suffering out and inhaling the depths of the shinings held so close. Wanting to break lose of the ties connected to individual arteries pumping your blood with each thought. When will that revert to a never happen moment? Or is this a craving to a forbidden slice of insanity into much abundance?

The need to be a glimmer I used to dream of has come full circle. Fighting the demise riding on the wings of lust for things never should have opened. A chance, a spark, a minor glance is all I need to understand right now, right here. This will always be who I am. 


Empty Nest (post)

I am officially an empty nester as of two weeks ago. I thought it would be different but I am not going to fake a smile just to appease a few. So I am going to be pretty exact to my emotions on this one. 

The day came and I was very nervous because I knew this was it. That final moment when the house would be noiseless. All the other siblings have moved on and continued on their journey in life. I had one to hold tight too, so I thought. This child is moving alone. Not exactly a mother’s dream for any of her children, let alone her daughter. But I had to let it happen. It was time to not clip her wings and let her fly.

The first week, was torcher for me. I will assume not so much on her end. I waited for the daily text to ease my mind, letting me know she was just fine. She does have a half size horse for a dog. But none the less, I was worried. Making sure she is safe in all her surroundings. After all, it really is not logical to put her in a bubble and connect it to a tracking device. 

I realized this daughter, too, is going to be just fine. I think the real question at that moment was, am I? Yes, I am. Nearing the end of week two, I can see this independent child is making her mark on her world. Doing it just as she was raised. I could not be prouder of each of them. My heart is filled with joy.

So as I enjoy the peacefulness of my empty home, I find comfort in knowing all my children are just fine living their lives forward with mom in the background, cheering them on. After all, they are gifts from God. They were never meant to be under my wing forever. Like a baby bird who only needs the momma when it is learning to fly and feed. Once their wings are the right size, it is time to create their own footsteps in life. 

Fly my amazing birds. Show the world your beautiful colors. Spread your wings to glide to every dream you have. This nest will be a stopping place to share all your mountains and valleys. I will cherish every moment I get before they are heading to bigger and better dreams. To sum it all up, empty nest is not losing your children. It is simply rearranging your home for the next set of baby birds to see, grandchildren. Oh, the love. 



Ok, it’s Friday the 13th, full moon and wild animal kingdom in my back living room. So the turtle won’t eat the fish, who has peaked the in heated cat, who has sparked Steve’s  (the not fixed dog) inner being, while he is being stalked my his mini size brother, George  (fixed dog). Ummmmm. I do not remember playing Jumanji AT ALLLLLLLLLL. Add a menopause woman, trying not to spark a fuse with complaints of stupidity as he is trying really hard to not listen. Oh, the joys.